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The Ships

The thumbnails below lead to larger pictures of the main craft used by both sides. For more information and many more images of Star Fleet's ships, vehicles and weapons see the Mecha pages.

Oh, and if you actually want to see and hear the ship and characters in action, there's always the Multimedia section of the site, and for new 3D renditions of the ships be sure to look at the Star Fleet Genesis 3D Gallery.

X-Bomber X-Bomber The focus of the series, X-Bomber is an experimental but immensely powerful battleship.

Dai-X Dai-X X-Bomber's ace in the hole, three fighters able to combine to form an assault mech.

The Skull The Skull A mysterious sailing vessel which is rescued by X-Bomber early in the series and subsequently returns the favour before revealing its real significance.

Makara's Imperial Cruiser Imperial Cruiser The Imperial Alliance's battle wagon - massive amounts of firepower and hard as nails.

An Imperial Carrier Alliance Carrier A distinctive, wasp-like design makes this combined fighter carrier, assault craft and troop transport a fan favourite.

Death Ball Death Ball One of Caliban's special toys, specifically designed to go head to head with Dai-X.

Last updated 14 December 2013

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