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Star Fleet Video Files

Do feel free to download these as described below, but you can also find them on my YouTube channel - assuming YouTube hasn't been sued into oblivion by the time you read this! You can find my channel here.

Although these clips are in a streaming format, please right click on the images and "Save Target As", then play them from your hard drive - especially if you're going to watch them more than once (it's a bandwidth thing). Enjoy!

Star Fleet Intro

Star Fleet Intro
Size: 2MB
Duration: 1m 10s

SFXB says: A WMV file of the UK opening sequence as broadcast, with no credits or titles as in the compilation and US tapes.

Star Fleet Closing

Star Fleet Closing
Size: 2.4MB
Duration: 1m 25s

SFXB says: A WMV format of the closing sequence with Paul Bliss' closing theme.

Brian May interview

Brian May Interview
Size: 3MB
Duration: 1m 46s

SFXB says: Brian May talks about his Star Fleet Project - includes Star Fleet footage!

Star Fleet Ambush

Size: 1MB
Duration: 0m 36s
Episode: 4

SFXB says: X-Bomber raises its shield and fights back against an ambush by Imperial Carriers in the Asteroid Belt.

Dai-X Launch

Dai-X Launch
Size: 2.3MB
Duration: 1m 25s
Episode: 4

SFXB says: The lads make for the Dai-X fighters and launch out to assault Makara's base.

Dai-X Junction

Dai-X Junction
Size: 4MB
Duration: 2m 27s
Episode: 4

SFXB says: The Dai-X fighters Junction and the Dai-X mecha proceeds to tear Makara's base apart!

The Skull

The Skull
Size: 3.4MB
Duration: 2m 04s
Episode: 5

SFXB says: Lamia's attempt to contact the mysterious sailing ship the Skull is interrupted by a vicious Imperial Alliance attack.

X-Bomber Nose Lift, Laser Blast

Laser Blast
Size: 2.8MB
Duration: 1m 41s
Episode: 5

SFXB says: The X-Bomber intervenes to save the Skull, using its hidden neck lasers to blast Makara's cruiser which is forced to retreat.

Laser Torpedoes

Laser Torpedoes
Size: 3.1MB
Duration: 1m 54s
Episode: 8

SFXB says: X-Bomber trades laser torpedoes with Makara's battlecruiser.

X Impulse blast

X Impulse
Size: 3.4MB
Duration: 2m 05s
Episode: 3

SFXB says: The X-Bomber lets rip with its weapon of last resort, X Impulse.

The videos below are from other sites rather than being "home grown"...

August 31st 2002 With some new hardware at my disposal, I've reviewed the Star Fleet video clips that were available here and have decided that they need refreshing. So you'll now find that the majority of the files here are WMV format to save on space. As it's a streaming format some quality does get lost, but the resolution is relatively high and the overall result should be better than the older AVIs.

Another byproduct of this new hardware is the new multimedia section in Other 80s Stuff. It contains more than a dozen video intros for old school cartoons which you might enjoy, so go and check it out!

August 20th 2002 Hosting an entire episode finally red-lined the site's bandwidth, so it's no longer available - sorry!

Until SFXB was etablished on its current server I was only able to offer a few of the video files I had on my hard drive. The position is now very different. If you've visited the gallery you'll have noticed that I sometimes linked to images, rather than displaying them here. Reason being, that for some reason I couldn't get permission to show them directly. This also applies to some of the videos above.

However, I am going to host them here because the bandwidth required to support a video download isn't insignificant. So although I could link to them, I don't want to pass on that traffic to another site now that I have enough resources (hopefully!) to cope with it myself. The originating sites are credited.

Note that you'll need RealPlayer for a couple of the files. The other videos are in formats which the standard Windows Multimedia Player will be able to cope with; one other video uses Quicktime.

Last updated 14 December 2013

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