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The Bad Guys

The thumbnails below lead to slightly larger pictures of the key players in the Imperial Alliance's bid to dominate or eliminate F-01 and rule the Universe. For more information on the major characters head to the Characters section or select the character's name.

Commander Makara - the leader of the Imperial Alliance task force
Commander Makara

Makara's cyborg symbiont tries to kiss up to the Imperial Master...
Makara's Symbiote

Captain Orion - Makara's vaguely competent second in command
Captain Orion

...who isn't best impressed with Makara's performance to date!
Imperial Master

The traitorous (due to lobster implant) Captain Carter, formerly of Star Fleet's Pluto base
Captain Carter

Caliban - evil scientist

The standard Alliance insectiborg soldier and pilot

The bionic mantis assassin
Bionic Assassin


Executive Council 1
Executive Council

Executive Council 1
Executive Council

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