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Star Fleet Sound Files

Opening Theme
mp3, 1 MB

Not, as many people think, written by Brian May, but actually by Paul Bliss. More details below.

Closing Theme
mp3, 1.25 MB

As above - this is the theme by Paul Bliss that Brian May covered.

Hero Theme
mp3, 160 K

Incidental music for X-Bomber and the good guys.

Villian Theme
mp3, 120 K

Incidental music for the Alliance battlecruiser and the bad guys.

Dai-X Theme
mp3, 170 K

Incidental music for Dai-X as it gets to work!

mp3, 440 K

The initial narration, introducing Star Fleet.

mp3, 2 MB

The final two minutes of the series!

Lamia 1
mp3, 1.32 MB

Dr Benn tells Lamia about her discovery on Mars by Professor Hagen.

Lamia 2
mp3, 1.77 MB

Captain Halley of the Skull recounts the prophecy relating to Lamia.

Lamia Comments
mp3, 100 K

The lads' amusing first reactions to Lamia!

Star Fleet Intro
midi, 12 K

Midi file of the Star Fleet intro contributed by Doryen Chin.

Star Fleet Revamp
midi, 20 K

Midi file contributed by Doryen Chin, a jazzed-up version of the Star Fleet intro.

January 2003 When I first sampled the series, quite literally a millennium ago (!), I didn't have a lot of material to work with. In 2002 I happened to listen to the old .wav files I used to host here on a five-speaker system. They made me cringe. They hurt my ears. So as part of an ongoing revamp, I'm happy to say that the new mp3s which are available above will not cause your auditory canal to beg for mercy!

As part of this renewal, you'll also find more clips linked to from other sections of the site - the Characters section and the Episode Guide being the prime examples. In fact, every episode has at least one sound clip to bring back memories of the show. So not every clip is listed above by any means - you'll need to hunt around to find them all!

This is also a good time to point out, once more, that Brian May is not responsible for Star Fleet's theme and incidental music. He only covered it in his Star Fleet Project album - you can read more about this here. You can get hold of the files all over the place - links on this Brian May site, for example. It was actually Paul Bliss who was responsible for all of Star Fleet's distinctive music. Unfortunately during the series there tends to be dialogue over the top of it, but I've included a few short clips of frequently used themes here to give you an idea as well as Bliss' opening and closing themes.

If you've exhausted all of the above you might like to try F Zero One or Big Dai-X for even more multimedia madness!

Last updated 14 December 2013

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