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Not the first thing that springs to mind in connection with Star Fleet, perhaps, but it did make the transition to a less animated format. The bulk of the material here is from Look In, the junior version of the TV Times which was popular in the late 70s and early 80s in the UK. For some additional material from Look In, check the Articles section. The images here make up the entire Look In run of four stories, and the main features about the series.

You can also see the cover of the 1984 annual (again more information in the Articles section) the Look In promoted T Shirts (strictly speaking merchandise of course) a 3D image of the crew which was used in 2D form for one of the jigsaws and material from a French comic which I tripped across a few years ago. Also, a link to a Japanese site's depiction of the X-Bomber, possibly from the manga. You can also see some modern work from the Manga Max article elsewhere on the site. Check the Articles section for more information about the Annual and Look In.

Look In Material (including 1984 annual material)

The comic strips appearing in Look In, in date order...

French Material

French comic book cover French comic book page introducing the characters - note the different names! French comic book page showing the X-Bomber French comic book version of the Imperial Master


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