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The X-Bomber from Star Fleet - Lego Ideas

I'm asking for your support to possibly get a Lego version of X-Bomber on the shelves! You can add your support on the Lego Ideas site here. Here's a demonstration video of the first version!

Your support is, as ever, appreciated - and it's going to take a lot of it! Also, if you happen to be an AFOL or your child has a lot of Lego, you can download this file for use with the Lego Digital Designer software. Please send in pictures of your version! Last but not least, here's a Flickr album of the build.

Jigsaws | UK Videos | US Videos
Japanese Laserdiscs | X-Bomber Toys and Links

Gareth Jones provided the majority of the jigsaw images, a rare video cover and model boxes too; thanks to Phil Ayres and James Bird for the other video covers. I've included a little montage of the Japanese toys which were available; Shane's site at used to host more detailed information but you'll need to use the Internet Archive to try and access his site now (try around 2004). See also an artcile by a SFXB reader on two Dai-X toys here. The Annual can also be considered a collectable, of course - see the comics section for pictures, and this page for details of its contents. See also the merchandise page. Your best bet for finding any of the items pictured below is:


X-Bomber's Crew - 800 by 600 image from a Star Fleet jigsaw Makara et al Moonbase, X-Bomber, Makara's ship Dai-X

UK Videos

Rare video cover Thalian Space Wars, Mastervision Space Quest for F01, Mastervision Thalian Space Wars, MYTV Space Quest for F01, MYTV Another Space Quest for F01, MYTV Another Thalian Space Wars, MYTV

The above are the UK video releases - or at least the ones I've got scans of. I've only ever seen the Thorn EMI tape a couple of times (it features episodes 4 and 5), but the other compilation tapes are more common on Ebay.

Jigsaws | UK Videos | US Videos
Japanese Laserdiscs | X-Bomber Toys and Links

US Videos

US Rental Tape, Volume 1 US Rental Tape, Volume 2 US Rental Tape, Volume 3 US Rental Tape, Volume 4
US Rental Tape, Volume 5 US Rental Tape, Volume 6 US Rental Tape, Volume 7 US Rental Tape, Volume 8

These US tapes are also available through Ebay - 3 episodes to each tape, slightly cut from the UK versions and run together to make 8 movies. NTSC standard, but playable on modern UK VCRs (which use the PAL standard).

Japanese Laserdiscs

Front cover of Japanese Laserdisc release Back cover of Japanese Laserdisc release Blueprint style Japanese schematic of X-Bomber from laserdisc

Laserdiscs were a precursor of DVDs, but used discs much larger than CD size. This laserdisc was only released in Japan, apparently, but in common with laserdisc releases included several extras. A limited edition DVD box set of the series based on the laserdiscs is due for release in Japan in October 2002, but unfortunately will not have an English soundtrack.

X-Bomber toys and links

Montage of various pieces of Japanese merchandise connected with the show Montage of various pieces of French and Japanese merchandise connected with the show Model kit boxes of Makara's ship and an Imperial Fighter Model kit box of the X-Bomber Model kit box of the Dai-X

Some montages of the foreign toys which were available, including a Barry Hercules mask (others masks were available in France, including Shiro and a Termoid) - see links below for more merchandise information. On the right are scans of Japanese model kits sent in by Gareth Jones; the Imperial Fighter kit has a very nice illustration of the fighter on the front.

Jigsaws | UK Videos | US Videos
Japanese Laserdiscs | X-Bomber Toys and Links

Last updated 14 December 2013

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