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The 1984 Annual

Paul Green's interview has shed some light on how the Annual came into being and explains some of the discrepancies present between the names in the series and the names used in the Annual. It's actually copyrighted 1983 - which was the year in which the series ended its first run. It's quite standard annual fare - although there aren't any comic strips like there were in the Terrahawks annual of the time. However, the stories are well illustrated and frequently in full colour.

There are also a couple of educational pieces thrown in for good measure, about space history and the zodiac. Of most interest, though, are the pages reproduced below (one of which is the contents page, just for completion!) which include shots from the series itself as well as the Annual's take on the technology of the series. If you compare and contrast the Annual's wording with that of the Look In double spread you'll see that it's actually the same word for word in its description of the weapons - perhaps because it was taken from publicity material released by Enoki.

It remains possible to find the Annual on Ebay (see the Merchandise page) but I've never seen it in charity shops when I've looked for it. It was the only one produced for the series and is one of the few really British pieces of merchandise associated with the show. You can see more material from the annual on other sites.

Star Fleet Annual Cover Star Fleet Annual Contents Star Fleet Annual Dai-X

Star Fleet Annual X-Bomber Star Fleet Annual Imperial Battlecruiser Star Fleet Annual Back Cover

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