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Star Fleet Merchandise

The official UK DVD release of the UK version of the series is now available to order from HMV by clicking here! And from other retailers on the right also.


Shortly to be made redundant by the DVD at the time of writing, but having had your memory refreshed, you may now be dying to see the whole thing over again - beyond the clips available in the video section. Videos of the entire series exist in a single original form - US rental tapes, 8 in total, 3 episodes to a tape in NTSC format and slightly edited from the version of the show shown on UK TV. These do turn up on Ebay - you can use the search box below to hunt for them internationally.

Keep your eyes open in car boot sales here in the UK for the two compilation videos available in this country - Thalian Space Wars and Space Quest for F-01 (see the merchandise gallery for covers of the various editons). There is also another tape, released by Thorn EMI, containing episodes 4 and 5 uncut, although this seems to have been rarer.

Other Merchandise

The UK wasn't massively well served in terms of non-video merchandise. However, there were some good jigsaws that occasionally turn up on EBay - images here (thanks to Phil Hamblet and Gareth Jones for the scans). Although the original soundtrack didn't get released, Brian May's Star Fleet Project album and single is often available through EBay - images here.

Like most other kids series Star Fleet got an annual which you can read about here. You can see some scans of it on that page as well; quite standard fare but some nice shots from the series. Also, Look In published some articles and several original comic stories in its pages - again, you can read about them here on SFXB.

There are Japanese toys from the series, made by Takatoku, some pictures of which can be seen on the gallery pages and on various other sites listed in the links pages. You can read about some of the Dai-X toys that were released right here. The Big Dai-X site has a particularly detailed section on the international collectables which goes into much more detail than my own on this topic. The F Zero One site also has a dedicated section detailing the merchandise that was (and in some cases is) available.

Last updated 14 December 2013

Star Fleet on DVD

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