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Look In (aka Junior TV TImes)

This was a magazine/comic anthology I remember reading at the time the series was on, although not consistently. The comic strip was set, presumably, at a time during the initial events of the series when Makara's forces are softening up Earth's forces. Done in black and white, it was nevertheless very well done and the characters were very true to their origins in the series.

It ran for 32 "episodes" from 8 January to 13 August 1983 and is marked as copyright Panda Publishing Ltd. You can see all of the issues here at SFXB by clicking the links below, which also appear in the gallery section. It would also be worth my while mentioning my Genesis project here, as it also extends the original TV series' storyline.

Look In also plugged the Star Fleet TV series prior to its launch in Look In no. 44, week ending 30 Oct 1982, with a 4 page feature, colour centre spread and cover. Star Fleet featured on the cover again in the weeks ending 8 Jan 1983 and 5 Feb 1983. Look In also ran an offer for a Star Fleet T Shirt featuring Dai-X, as well as advertising what sounds like the Thorn EMI video release of episodes 4 and 5 - note the reference to Betamax!

Finally, here are some more indirect Star Fleet mentions during Star Fleet's run in Look In - a mix of gallery pages and letter pages. Were you one of the authors?!

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