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Episode 8

Crew's puzzled by Skull's disappearance immediately after rescuing them. PPA detects a habitable planet for the Bomber to set down on in order to make repairs. Orion likes their choice - it's a volcanic planet called "Alarya" complete with "ferocious creatures"! PPA tries to assign repair duties but doesn't get a very co-operative response...

PPA - "You insolent boys!"

X-Bomber approaches Alarya X-Bomber sets down on Alarya's surface PPA tries to issue orders on the bridge

Lamia and Kirara go sight seeing while the lads work on the ship. Kirara spots his distant cousins! He's not keen on them though... Kirara runs back to the ship and knocks Shiro off the scaffolding! He and Hercules take off with Kirara while Lee continues to work on the ship. Lamia names the beasties Mon Mons after Shiro shoots one!

The Mon Mons appear! Kirara doesn't like his distant cousins!  Kirara rocks Shiro's scaffold...

...causing Shiro to lose his balance! Shiro and Barry adopt a 'shoot first' approach with the Mon Mons Lamia isn't impressed by Shiro's actions

Lamia is not impressed! Lamia - "How barbaric you are!"

Shiro gets a jolly good ticking off! Lamia likens her situation to the Mon Mons - if not for Shiro's father she could have been mistreated. Flashback. Touching social commentary!

The fluffy Mon Mons climb onto the ship, blocking the engine intakes. Meanwhile Makara's ship has made planetfall and prepares to lob a laser missile into the nearby volcano. This triggers an eruption. Hercules prepares to fire on the Mon Mons at Dr Benn's command to scare them off - if they're sucked into the ship they'll cause serious damage. As the lads argue over whether or not to open fire, Makara's ship moves in for the kill as lava approaches.

The Mon Mons block X-Bomber's intakes Makara's battlecruiser triggers a volanic eruption The lava approaches X-Bomber's position

Shiro stops Hercules from shooting the Mon Mons Shiro opens fire on the Mon Mons instead of Hercules Lamia can't watch

Shiro fires, and the Mon Mons scatter. Somewhat pointles as Makara's attack would've fried them anyway! Bomber takes off and avoids the rest of Makara's attack. As Makara pursues the Bomber it goes on the offensive, blasting Makara's ship with laser torpedoes from the wing tips.

The Mon Mons take the hint and abandon ship! X-Bomber fires laser torpedoes

The torpedoes cluster and hit Makara's ship Boom!

Video of Laser Torpedo exchange

Makara's ship is damaged again. The Imperial Master appears and commands Makara (via eyepiece) to return to the Thalian Zone. He is not amused at Makara's failure. Makara clearly intends to blame Orion for her failure!

The Imperial Master oders Makara back to the Imperial Homeworld Makara's battlecruiser limps home

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