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Episode 7

Dr Benn - "We're really in a mess this time!"

Shiro - "Gosh sakes - what's happening?!"

Gravitational pull sucking energy out of the ship (!) Sub quantum power level. Can't fire laser blast. Lee spots a trace on his screen. Dr Benn realises it must be an Alliance ship navigating in the black hole. Orion persuades Makara that they should attack rather than waiting for the Bomber's energy reserves to dissipate. Bomber tries to make a run for it as best it can, but Orion moves to intercept them before they can find the exit.

Dr Benn and the lads examine Lee's sensor readout The X-Bomber starts to navigate in the Black Hole

Without power to weapons, Bomber's getting pasted. Dr Benn orders evasive action despite Hercules and Shiro's protests that they should fight. Can't power the engines and fight... Shiro finally talks Benn around and Hercules and Shiro man the guns with Bomber at a dead stop. They take out a few fighters but Orion calls his ships back, having allowed the Bomber to waste energy.

Imperial Fighters enter the Black Hole X-Bomber is hit Shiro mans a turret gun

Dr Benn decides to throw what they have left into using the neck lasers, saving enough for X Impulse as a last resort. Orion's carriers move in and open up with torpedoes allowing the Bomber to get a fix on their position. Although one is taken out, the other continues its attack. A second blast cripples Orion's ship and it limps home.

The Imperial Carriers move in The X-Bomber opens up with the Laser Blast An Imperial Carrier takes a hit

Captain Orion is knocked off his feet Capatain Orion's carrier retreats

Makara's ship opens up and she issues an ultimatum - hand over Lamia or die!

Dr Benn - "Surrender is a word not found in the Academy manual!"

Makara's battlecruiser opens fireMakara delivers her ultimatum

Makara moves in for the kill. Bomber puts everything it's got left into X Impulse. A shot from Makara's cruiser starts a fire in the engine room which Lamia helps Hercules put out.

Lee reports a fire in the engine room Hercules firefights in the engine room

The X Impulse shot causes a few fires of its own, but leaves the Bomber totally defenceless.

X-Bomber fires X-Impulse Makara's battlecruiser is hit by X-Impulse Makara's battlecruiser, ablaze, turns to retreat

Lee - "Shiro, I don't want to rub it in, but we have no power!"

It seems that X-Bomber will be stuck in the graveyard of space for evermore. Lamia gets upset. PPA is still off his head. More good news - oxygen system is failing!

Lamia is upset PPA is bandaged and unhinged!

Suddenly the Bomber starts moving - pulled by a tractor beam. It soon hits open space. They spot the Skull, their rescuer, again but are unable to follow with their energy still low.

X-Bomber is pulled into open space The Skull, X-Bomber's rescuer

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