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Episode 6

X-Bomber lands at the subterranean base again. Lamia speculates on her possible connection with the Skull. Dr Benn asks her not do anything without further proof. EDF HQ considers the footage of the Skull's battle with the Alliance. Kyle decides that the Bomber should trace the Skull. Reasons that Earth will be OK without the Bomber as the F-01 is Makara's priority. Dr Benn explains this reasoning to the crew - Lamia will come along according to Shiro to "boost morale"!

The X-Bomber returns to Moonbase Dr Benn speaks with Lamia

General Kyle considers the next move The crew of X-Bomber discuss the hunt for the Skull

Makara calls to demand the handover of Lamia to her. Kyle orders Mars based Astrofighters to engage Makara's ship until X-Bomber can get there.

Lamia - "Doctor, astrofighters from Mars base are being annihilated!"

Makara delivers her latest ultimatum Mars based Astrofighters scramble Imperial Carriers prepare to launch fighters

Imperial Fighters open fire EDF Astrofighters are destroyed

Orion finishes the job and Makara orders him to set course for Earth. Bomber lifts off from the Moon. Makara surprisingly orders a retreat, much to Orion's puzzlement. The Bomber resumes its mission to hunt for the Skull. Dr Benn realises that Makara will be following them and accepts this danger as it'll protect Earth. Makara has anticipated this move and has a plan. Imperial cruisers tail X-Bomber as it scans for the Skull.

Hercules and Lee debate the Skull/F-01/Lamia connection - and Shiro considers to himself whether the Skull was the ship that brought Lamia to Mars. Reverie is broken up by Orion's cruiser opening up on the Bomber with the aim of drawing out the Skull.

Mars The Skull Lamia

Makara - "You will see, the Alliance shall flow. Your doom is sealed."

Bomber goes evasive.

Makara - "They're on course for destruction, as I planned!"

Bomber's controls start to go nuts - PPA becomes hysterical at the same time. Flight control is lost - a vortex appears in front of the Bomber and sucks it in - it's a black hole!

Dr Benn - "Once in the void, we'll never get out!"

The Bomber collides with a metorite, knocking the bridge crew out.

Makara - "Your courage has drawn you into your grave".

The X-Bomber in the influence of the Black Hole The X-Bomber deep in the Black Hole's vortex The X-Bomber collides with an asteroid

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