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Episode 5

The X-Bomber lands at Pluto base, with much back slapping following the crew's success at Jupiter. The lads go looking for Carter in a snow mobile and then on foot. Short flashback to the attack on Pluto base. *SFXB note - the US version misses out a major sequence here which takes away a lot from the Carter sub-plot, as Shiro remembers his training at the academy with Carter as his mentor. This missing sequence makes later events much more compelling.* Shiro is convinced that Carter's still alive but the others are less certain.

The lads search for Carter on PlutoEarth Defence Academy logoCaptain Carter at the academy

Shiro in a combat simulatorShiro taking his marksmanship examShiro and Captain Carter on Earth

Meanwhile, the Skull makes first contact with X-Bomber, as Captain Halley asks for his "compatriot" with the pendant. Lamia takes a shuttle and bugs out. On discovering her departure the lads take the Dai-X fighters out to search for her. A nice touch - the launches aren't stock footage as it's snowing...

Lamia shuts off communication with her friends and then spots the Skull, but her engine fails. Braincom catches up. Shiro refuses to allow Lamia to contact the Skull. The other pilots catch up. Makara's appearance stops their argument. She realises that the Skull's presence makes Lamia F-01 for sure - so Orion heads out to destroy the Skull.

Lamia piloting a shuttle podThe shuttle pod in range of the Skull, but stalledShiro catches up with Lamia

The lads don't assist at Dr Benn's order. The Skull takes out a few astrofighters and Makara takes over the attack from Orion. Her ship opens up with laser torpedoes which kick the stuffing out of the Skull!

Carriers launch from the battlecruiserAstrofighters attack the Skull

Makara puts a shot across the Skull's bowThe Skull tries to retreat

Video of the Skull under attack

X-Bomber arrives on the scene and retrieves the lads and Lamia. Nice grappling of Lamia's shuttle pod. Makara ignores the Bomber's arrival, assuming they won't intervene. The lads persuade Dr Benn to get involved in the fight. Neck lasers open up on Makara from behind as she pursues the Skull.

Makara - "Ahhh, that Doctor Benn!"

Makara's ship exchanges shots with X-Bomber as it retreats straight at them!

X-Bomber fires laser blastMakara's ship is hit in the enginesMakara retreats again

Video of laser blast

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