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Episode 4

Freighters en route to Pluto with supplies and personnel to rebuild Pluto base get vaporised in the asteroid belt. EDF HQ is concerned by the lack of contact. The X-Bomber, being prepped on the Moon, is ordered out to escort the second convoy. (A Freighter is about one third of the Bomber's size).

Freighter goes boom

The scene shifts to Jupiter - Makara is lying in wait for the Bomber which has reappeared to Orion's surprise, as he had assumed it too badly damaged to be able to take off so soon. Meanwhile the Bomber and its accompanying freighter fleet pass by Mars (with Lamia recalling her childhood there) and reach the position of theoriginal fleet's disappearance. Alliance carriers suddenly appear from behind nearby asteroids. Dr Benn orders the freighters to retreat.

X-Bomber and freighters pass MarsLamia reminiscesThe Alliance attacks

Hercules raises shields, apparently an upgrade to the Bomber's defences. The enemy ships open fire but cause no damage. Hercules returns fire with the top mounted guns and eliminates the carriers. When news of their defeat reaches Jupiter, Orion suggests they hide the cruiser under the Methane Sea so that the Bomber won't detect them when it comes looking for them. The cruiser submerges...

X-Bomber raises shieldsX-Bomber returns fireCarrier about to go boom

Video of the ambush

Dr Benn realises that the Alliance must have made a base at Jupiter as the carriers had to have come from somewhere... The Bomber goes inter-atmospheric on arrival. The base opens up with serious ground to air fire. Hercules is about to return fire with laser torpedoes when Makara's ship hits them from behind.

Makara's ship lying in wait under the Methane SeaX-Bomber pursued by Makara and attacked by baseMakara's ship prevents X-Bomber's escape

Benn - "Take us up, full throttle!"

An engine is hit; the Bomber goes evasive to avoid Makara's ship.

Hercules - "Hope your circuits fuse!" to PPA.

The lads move to launch Dai-X. First chair moving sequence with back projection as they move down tunnels to enter the Dai-X fighters - very Thunderbirds!

Video of Dai-X launching

Braincom, Mainbody and LegTrax launch. Lee heads in for a ground assault in LegTrax while Hercules and Shiro attack from the air in Mainbody and Braincom. The Bomber is in trouble as Makara's ship presses its attack and PPA's complaints aren't helping! Nice aerobatics from Shiro as he tries to attack the base's defences. As they're having no luck with the fighters individually, Shiro orders the others to form Dai-X. *SFXB note - this is the first Dai-X Junction sequence*.

Shiro - "Let 'em have it!"

Hercules - "The ol' one two!"

The robot mode Dai-X stalks through the base, ripping it apart with a combination of firepower, punches and foot stamping! Makara's bridge crew gets perturbed! She orders a retreat following the destruction of the base and the Dai-X stands supreme in its ruins.

Dai-X fighters in da houseDai-X Junction in progressDai-X on the prowl

Dai-X letting its fists do the talkingDai-X triumphant

Video of Dai-X Junction and subsequent action

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