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Episode 3

Meanwhile, the Bomber's just about ready to fight. Lamia refuses to go back to Moonbase, helping with the engine room instead. The lads wonder what the F-01 is as they carry out repairs - only Shiro guesses that it could be a person (a litte too accurately!) and hey, here's Lamia! Shiro also talks about ESP control of a solar system. Even guesses the person could be an alien! Lamia leaves the engine room on hearing this and Shiro then snoops on Lamia and Dr Benn on the bridge.

Dr Benn recounts Lamia's origins to her, based on what Prof. Hagen told him. Years ago while he was working at the Mars institute Prof. Hagen saw a capsule come down and investigated, finding the infant Lamia wearing a pendant and Kirara guarding her. Prof Hagen sensed she was important and gave Lamia her name, raising her as if she were his own daughter. Kirara suddenly grabs Shiro and bundles him onto the bridge. Dr Benn requires absolute secrecy from him regarding Lamia's origins.

Lamia's capsuleKirara guarding LamiaBaby Lamia

Professior Hagen in space suitProfessor Hagen and Lamia years later

Meanwhile, EDF computers have had no luck with F-01. Laser missile batteries get primed.

Kyle - "One cannot negotiate with reptiles!"

Makara gives Kyle an additional 10 minutes to search for information. Star Fleet Command contacts X-Bomber. Only X Impulse can hit the cruiser from the Moon, but that will cause collateral damage to EDF forces and the Earth. Orion takes out the laser missile batteries that were locking onto Makara's ship before they have a chance to fire. Kyle orders Star Fleet Command evacuated. Dr Benn tells the crew that X Impulse will require 90% of Quantum Power, leaving the ship crippled. The Bomber gets ready to lift off.

Missiles primed...Orion launces a pre-emptive strikeMissiles gone

Lamia interrupts Benn and Kyle's final transmission and broadcasts to Makara directly, telling her she's the F-01 before Shiro can intervene. Makara believes her claim despite Orion's caution and Makara's ship moves at hyperspeed towards the Moon. Kyle doesn't understand why she's withdrawn her attack. Dr Benn plays a feint by allowing Makara's ship to come closer before ordering X-Bomber to take off, relying on the element of surprise to catch Makara unawares.

Lamia tries to leave the ship in order to give herself up to Makara. Shiro chases after her - nice back projection to give the illusion of the characters running. Shiro reassures Lamia that she's not F-01 and gets quite forceful with her! The Bomber finally takes off and heads for Makara's ship. Orion's perturbed - thought Bomber was out for the count! X Impulse fires successfully, giving Makara's ship a good kicking but the Bomber has to pull up hard to avoid colliding with Makara's smoking battlecruiser. Makara will be back...

Shiro stops LamiaX-Bomber lifts offX Impulse fires

Makara is taken by surpriseMakara's ship glows in the darkMakara bugs out

Video of X Impulse

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