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Episode 24

Two thirds of Star Fleet Command's installations are gone, as well as the majority of its ships. Lamia awakes from her sedation, and Prof Hagen tells her what's going on. The Master appears in front of X-Bomber and demands that the crew execute Lamia in order to save the Earth. Hercules opens up on the image with laser torpedoes in frustration.

General Kyle speaks to X-Bomber Lamia regains consciousness with Professor Hagen and Kirara by her side The Imperial Master appears ahead of X-Bomber

They come in range of the Master's planet and Lamia demands to be taken along - after some persuasion from Halley and Prof Hagen she transfers to the Skull as the lads take off in Dai-X in order to draw the Master's planet away from Earth. Their plan succeeds and the lads Dai-X junction.

Lamia and Kirara head for the Skull The Dai-X fighters launch

The Imperial Fortress moves to engage the Dai-X fighters The Dai-X fighters junction for the final showdown

The Master sends fighters out to meet Dai-X which opens up with eye beams for the first time. Hercules punches fighters out of the sky, and Lee opens up with a foot mounted laser! The Master detects the Skull closing in on him and orders more fighters to engage - apparently he believed Halley was dead. Kirara mans the deck gun of the Skull but is blown into space.

Imperial Fighters close on Dai-X Dai-X fires laser beams Dai-X fires laser cannon

Dai-X prepares to uppercut an Imperial Fighter back to the Thalian Zone The Skull joins the fray Kirara is blown off the Skull and tumbles into the void

The Skull is in bad shape, with several gunners having been killed. Dai-X gets the fighters off the Skull's back. X-Bomber isn't involved - possibly due to the amount of damage suffered by it in the last few episodes. Dai-X closes to point blank with the Master's planet and fires X Tracers. After taking a hit that disables the torpedo launcher, Hercules uses the Chest Cannons for the first time, bombarding the fortress.

Halley's lieutenant is wounded and does not bring good news Dai-X arrives in time to save the Skull Dai-X heads for the Imperial Fortress

The Imperial Fortress opens fire on the Dai-X Dai-X prepares to use its Chest Cannons

The Imperial Master orders the use of the delta laser against Dai-X. The blast knocks the lads out and sends Dai-X spinning away out of control. However, the planetary conjunction has happened - it is 3000. Lamia and Halley stand on the deck of the Skull. Halley merges with Lamia, and the Skull vanishes at the same time in a blinding light. The re-born Lamia appears on the bridge of the Imperial Master's planet as the F Zero One.

The Imperial Fortress fires the Delta Laser against Dai-X Dai-X is disabled by the Delta Laser and spins off out of control The planetary alignment takes place, marking the start of 3000 AD

The New Year dawns Halley holds his sword aloft as he stands beind Lamia on the bow of the Skull Halley and Lamia begin to merge

The Skull starts to disappear in a blinding light Lamia, transformed into F Zero One

Despite F-01's threats, the Master moves his planet in to attack the Earth again. The Master and F-01 exchange words and blows as his throne room is transformed into an astral arena. The Master dwarfs F-01, using a huge sword and eye beams to attack, but F-01 counters using a power staff and her head dress to fire beams and flames at him as she flies around avoiding his attacks.

F Zero One faces the Imperial Master The Imperial Fortress moves back towards the Earth F Zero One blasts the Imperial Master

The Imperial Master responds with eye beams F Zero One shoots flame at the Imperial Master F Zero One dodges the Imperial Master's eye beams

F Zero One fires a beam from her staff F Zero One's staff beam hits the Imperial Master's eye, preventing him from firing

Finally the sword and staff meet and the resulting detonation destroys the Imperial Fortress Planet. F-01 survives, and Shiro, Hercules and Lee recover consciousness aboard the Dai-X. F-01/Lamia says she wants to stay, but must use her power throughout the universe to guarantee a lasting peace. She thanks everyone individually for protecting her.

The Imperial Master charges in for his final attack using his sword F Zero One moves to meet his charge with her staff held ahead of her The staff and sword meet, bringing the epic battle to a conclusion

The Imperial Fortress is ripped apart A shining light emerges F Zero One bids her friends good bye

F-01 vanishes. The lads say their own goodbyes, and Dai-X returns to fly alongside X-Bomber. Prof Hagen thanks Dr Benn and Captain Carter for their sacrifices.

Narrator: "The crew of X-Bomber and Dai-X return to Earth in triumph... champions of Star Fleet command".

F Zero One leaves to pursue her destiny The recovered Dai-X joins formation with X-Bomber X-Bomber and Dai-X head for home, champions of Star Fleet Command!

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