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Episode 23

X-Bomber is surrounded by a glowing energy field. The lads wonder what's going on but PPA seems to be clued up.

PPA to Hercules - "I'm going to ignore your idle chatter and treat your ignorance with the contempt it deserves!"

It's apparent that Lamia's change is accelerating as she starts having serious headaches.

The X-Bomber encounters a strange phenomenon Lamia is in pain as her powers grow

The Master's planet is much closer to the Earth than X-Bomber despite the Bomber's speed. Lamia appears before the Imperial Master in astral form when she has her next headache. She commands the Master to stop his planet. The Master banishes her and she passes out back on X-Bomber.

The Imperial Master A member of the Imperial Master's Executive Council A member of the Imperial Master's Executive Council

The Imperial Fortress is surrounded by glowing lights Lamia's astral form appears in the Imperial Master's throne room

The Master's planet fires torpedoes at the closing X-Bomber. Prof Hagen outlines the fact that Lamia's change is being brought about by a planetary conjunction. Just then X-Bomber detects the torpedoes which home in on the ship. Although Hercules manages to take a couple out, others hit home. Hercules is knocked out of the gunner's chair. Suddenly the Skull appears and takes care of the remaining torpedoes.

Torpedoes launched from the Imperial Master's Fortress Hercules trying to shoot down incoming torpedoes

Hercules knocked to the floor by the impact of a torpedo The Skull comes to X-Bomber's aid

The Master decides to slow X-Bomber down further using an electric solar energy net. The sycophantic advisors are quite amusing! Back at EDF HQ, they are aware of the approach of the Master's planet but the Master is maintaining radio silence and their attempts to contact X-Bomber are also in vain. The X-Bomber hits the electric solar energy net and PPA starts singing again!

The Earth The EDF Communications Officer General Kyle waits for news

The electric solar energy net The electric solar energy net engulfs X-Bomber PPA suffers from the effects of the electric solar energy net

The Skull moves in to try and assist the Bomber but doesn't have much luck. The Master's planet enters Earth orbit. He orders Star Fleet command to capitulate. Kyle orders EDF to go on the offensive and the Master's planet opens fire.

The Skull tries to free X-Bomber The Skull's beam has no effect The Imperial Fortress approaches Earth

Earth defences are primed The Imperial Master gives the order to attack

X-Bomber finally manages to shake off the net by going back on computer control briefly and resumes course for the Earth. Kyle is determined to fight on. EDF fighers continue to scramble in response to the Master's torpedo attacks but his point defence weapons take them out with great ease. Kyle finally gets through to the X-Bomber crew who fill him in on what's happened.

X-Bomber breaks free of the electric solar energy net Earth based astrofighters scramble from their hangar EDF Astrofighters on approach

The Imperial Fortress opens fire on EDF Astrofighters Star Fleet Command back in touch with X-Bomber

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