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Episode 22

In order to beat the Imperial Master to Earth, X-Bomber has to travel at twice hyperspeed - which means overriding the computer safeties and, quite literally, flying by the seats of their pants. Makara's ship is in dire straits. Orion has been hit by a girder during repairs and is seriously injured. Caliban comes to him, also injured, and tells him just how bad his injuries are. Caliban helps Orion to die a warrior's death by assisting him in stealing a carrier. Orion is clearly determined to go out in a blaze of glory.

An injured Captain Orion An injured Caliban gives Orion the bad news Captain Orion on board his carrier for the last time

Meanwhile on X-Bomber, Prof Hagen, the scientist, reassures Lamia that despite the lack of a scientific explanation she will become a force for good. Orion closes in his drone craft, matching X-Bomber's extreme speed and issues a challenge. He takes pot shots at the Bomber from behind but Shiro refuses to slow down enough to fight effectively using the computers. Hercules opens up with the rear firing lasers but can't target properly without the scanners.

Orion opens fire on X-Bomber X-Bomber fires its aft laser beams X-Bombers laser beams go wide of Orion's carrier

Shiro executes evasive moves but Orion stays with him. Shiro manages to get the Bomber head on to Orion's carrier and Hercules hits him with the top guns. However, Orion maintains a collision course and smashes into the right hand side of the Bomber, crippling it. Repairs to Makara's ship are complete and it sets off in pursuit of the slowing X-Bomber.

X-Bomber opens fire with its forward laser cannons Orion's ship is damaged Orion plunges his damaged ship into the side of X-Bomber

The lads are still outside carrying out repairs when Makara's ship opens fire. Hercules is knocked off the hull but Lee manages to pull him back in. X-Bomber opens up with the neck lasers but Caliban has developed a shield for Makara's ship which repels the X-Bomber's attack. Her battle damage means that the Bomber can't fire X Impulse. The lads switch to Dai-X and junction as soon as they've taken off, heading for Makara's ship, much to Caliban's distress.

Makara's ship opens fire on the damaged X-Bomber Hercules is blown away from X-Bomber while conducting repairs X-Bomber fires its main laser blast

Makara's ship has a new shield which protects it from the laser blast Dai-X launches to take the fight to Makara On the bridge of Makara's ship, Caliban is getting nervous

They plunge into the power shield outside the entrance to the launch bay of Makara's ship and break through into the heart of the enemy ship! Caliban is crushed by debris as he gives up and cowers in a corner. Dai-X rips through the ship, destroying the engine room before wrecking the bridge. Makara takes her lift down off the command deck just in time, but the lads catch up and punch her into oblivion!

Hercules - "This is for Dr Benn!"

Dai-X exits from the launch bay just as the ship goes up, much to the relief of those still on board X-Bomber.

Dai-X powers through the energy shield Dai-X smashes its way through Makara's ship Dai-X's fist smashes Makara's bridge

Makara tries to run Dai-X's fist crushes Makara Makara's ship is finally destroyed

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