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Episode 21

Makara uses blue beams from her ship's "eyes" and disrupts X-Bomber's controls. Meanwhile the palace is being hit by Orion's astrofighters. The King is being very hippy and refuses to let the cannon be used, even in self defence. Halley despairs and takes the Skull up to hold off the fighters.

Makara's ship attacks X-Bomber dodges Makara's attack X-Bomber fires laser torpedoes

Makara's ship fires disruptor beams Imperial Fighters attack the planet The Callinian Palace under attack

A Royal Aide reports The King and Queen of Callinian with Lamia and Halley The Skull takes off to assist with the defence of Callinian

This still leaves Caliban's Death Ball unchecked and it launches a devestating barrage on the palace. Lamia warns Halley, who tells the lads. They leave the X-Bomber to Prof Hagen and PPA and Dai-X junction to deal with the Death Ball.

Caliban - "Ah, Dai-X, yes, I've been waiting for you..."

Caliban's Death Ball approaches the Palace X-Bomber under attack from Makara's ship Dai-X prepares to engage the Death Ball

Dai-X goes toe to toe with the Death Ball but the latter holds its own and electroshocks the big red one. Dai-X's punches, lasers and torpedoes are repelled by the Death Ball. Dai-X does a groovy back flip, but the Death Ball turns and locks chains onto Dai-X, electroshocking it again. The lads aren't doing too well inside.

Dai-X prepares to punch the Death Ball into next week Dai-X goes head-to-head with the Death Ball The Death Ball electroshocks Dai-X

The Death Ball locks onto Dai-X The Death Ball electroshocks Dai-X Dai-X hits the deck

The Skull and X-Bomber are also in difficulties. Caliban fires a flamethrower at Dai-X and proceeds to torch the palace grounds. However, the King and Queen have accepted that the cannon must be used. Dai-X gets back to its feet and Hercules throws a defence shield up to block Caliban's flamethrower attack.

X-Bomber taking heavy hits Caliban in gloating evil genius mode The Death Ball goes into flamethrower mode

Dai-X raises its defensive energy shield Dai-X blocks the Death Ball's attack

The X Tracers finally succeed in destroying the Death Ball but Dai-X has no energy left. Fortunately Hagen's cannon opens up on Makara's ship at this point and has a similar effect to X Impulse. Makara turns tail. The Imperial Master appears and strips Makara of her command - he now intends to attack Earth himself. Makara will not accept exile and remains committed to destroying X-Bomber.

Dai-X's X Tracers hit the Death Ball Dai-X watches the Death Ball's final moments Professor Hagen's laser cannon opens fire

Makara's ship is hit by Professor Hagen's laser cannon The Imperial Master appears to give Makara the sack!

Video of Dai-X versus the Death Ball

The Imperial Master's message is intercepted by the Skull's crew and Lamia relays his intentions to the X-Bomber crew. Shiro and Lamia then have a touching moment - Lamia can't leave him. Lamia talks the rest of the crew into allowing her to come along as they return to Earth, despite Prof Hagen's reservations. The Imperial Master is on his way to Earth when X-Bomber takes off. Halley orders his second in command to prepare the Skull - he's going to accompany X-Bomber back to Earth.

Captain Halley's lieutentant reports the Imperial Master's intention to attack Earth himself Lamia tells gives the lads and Professor Hagen the news of the Imperial Master's plan Shiro and Lamia finally have a tender moment

Lamia, Kirara and Shiro enter the bridge to inform the others of Lamia's intention to stay with them The Imperial Fortress Planet The Imperial Master

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