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Episode 20

Lamia says goodbye to Dr Benn in his coffin while PPA comforts her. X-Bomber sets down on Callinian and the crew is met by Captain Halley and his crew. Shiro asks if they can bury Dr Benn on the planet. Meanwhile Makara is on approach and orders Orion to attack. The crew and Captain Halley pay their final respects to Dr Benn.

Lamia and Kirara pay tribute to Dr Benn next to his coffin X-Bomber lands at the callinian spaceport The Callinian palace staff greet the new arrivals

Shiro greets Captain Halley Captain Halley, Lamia and the lads pay their final respects to Dr Benn

Shiro demands that Halley tell them about F-01 - what has all this effort been for? Lamia runs off and Halley chases after her to comfort her and gives her some idea of what her destiny is. Meanwhile, Shiro is determined to take the offensive by attacking the Alliance's home planet with the help of the people of Callinian.

Captain Halley speaks with Lamia about their destiny Shiro discusses the future with Lee and Hercules

Halley takes the crew to see an enormous laser cannon which has never been used - Callinian is a planet of peace that has renounced war. Suddenly the long lost Professor Hagen appears and his joy at seeing his son and Lamia is quickly dulled by the news of the deaths of Dr Benn and Captain Carter.

Professor Hagen makes a shock reappearance Lamia and Shiro are reunited with Professor Hagen

Meanwhile Makara, Orion and Caliban are preparing to attack. Prof Hagen starts to tell his story. Following completion of the X Project he set out to investigate Lamia's origins. His craft's control systems failed and he was rescued by the Skull. Prof Hagen has been assisting the Callinians as they have no weapons despite being a very advanced civilisation. His cannon is intended to ward off any Imperial attempts to capture Lamia.

Professor Hagen's spaceship The Skull and Professor Hagen's ship

While the good guys meet the King and Queen of Callinian, Orion's carrier squadron is moving in on the planet. Caliban's Death Ball is to deal with Lamia while X-Bomber is engaged with Makara's ship. The reception is interrupted by the initial Alliance attack.

The Callinian Royal Palace The King and Queen of Callinian Callinian under attack!

Halley takes Lamia with him while the lads leg it back to X-Bomber. Makara's ship is bombarding the surface with Orion and Caliban waiting to attack to the Palace. With X-Bomber moving, Makara heads away from the planet, drawing them off.

Makara's ship firing laser torpedoes X-Bomber lifts off

Captain Orion's carrier lurks in a valley, ready to attack Caliban's Death Ball waits in the wings

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