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Episode 2

First mention of F Zero One (F-01) - Makara warns Orion not to annihilate Earth until they know where it is. Bomber is out of contact with EDF HQ - crew unconscious. Captain Carter is being interrogated by Makara aboard her ship. Although he doesn't know anything, Makara orders him treated to save his life following his almost lethal Laser Memory Dissimilator experience (!)

Carter being subjected to the Laser Memory Dissimilator (!)

Lamia drives out to X-Bomber with Kirara. Lee's conscious, and he wakes the others. *SFXB note - the US version misses out the sequence where Lamia's buggy is attacked by Imperial fighters with the lads giving covering fire, although it appears in flashback at episode 13.* Imperial fighters open up on the grounded Bomber. The engines room's on fire, and PPA starts firefighting! Orion pulls his fighters out. First use of concealed neck lasers after the Bomber shifts position. 2 carriers are taken out. The remainder take evasive action. All but Orion's are destroyed.

Moon buggyLamia behind the wheelIncoming!

PPA firefightingLaser Blast timeCarriers about to go boom

Ocean fleet has reached Pluto base, but the Bomber's battle damage will take a while to fix. *SFXB note - the US version misses out a sequence where the lads are beginning repairs and argue amongst themselves until Dr Benn reprimands them.* FT operation begun by Alliance - false fighter images are created to lure the Ocean Fleet away. Ocean fleet engage the phantom enemies, and their weapons fire passes straight through them. Multinational pilots, perhaps to stress the UN style of the EDF.

Ocean Fleet AstrofightersFT projector

Ocean Fleet firingNow you see us...

Makara's flagship heads towards Earth at hyperspeed. The Bomber is still stuck on the Moon's surface. Makara moves in on Earth. First contact between Makara and Kyle, with Makara demanding that he hand over the F-01. Problem is, Star Fleet Command doesn't know what F-01 is. Makara's parked over Star Fleet Command headquarters - one hour ultimatum.

Makara's battlecruiser coming in...The battlecruiser parked over Star Fleet Command

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