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Episode 19

First appearance of Caliban. Orion protests at the use of the bionic mantis - their mission is to retrieve F-01, not assassinate her. Makara overrules him, saying that Lamia has the power to destroy her ship before they can get to Callinian. This goes against the Imperial Master's orders.

Imperial Scientist Caliban presents his creation Caliban and his bionic preying mantis assassin creation The bionic assassin's gun

Meanwhile, Lamia is able to communicate with Halley again following her ordeal. He gives her the location of the planet Callinian. Lee identifies a ship on the scanner and the Bomber goes to red alert. It's apparent that the ship is damaged. The lads take the Dai-X to investigate.

Lamia relays Halley's telepathic message to Shiro PPA, Dr Benn, Hercules and Lee analyse a contact and distress signal The Dai-X fighters investigate the derelict

What they don't realise is that the Mantis is on board. They find nothing and return to the Bomber - with the Mantis lurking in LegTrax! Lee gets another new contact - a large sphere on a direct collision course with the Bomber. The Bomber avoids it but it circles back on them and starts to open fire. Clearly this is no planetoid!

The lads search the derelict The Dai-X fighters return to X-Bomber Lee has a stowaway on board LegTrax - the cyborg assassin!

X-Bomber dodges Caliban's Death Planetoid The Death Planetoid opens fire

X-Bomber is damaged, so the lads junction Dai-X and attack. With the lads off the ship, the Mantis makes its move. Kirara protects Lamia who hits the alert button. Meanwhile Dai-X is having no luck with the planetoid. PPA calls the lads back to the ship. Dr Benn races to Lamia's room.

Dai-X heads out to take on the Death Planetoid The cyborg assassin enters Lamia's quarters

Kirara tries to beat off the assassin Kirara protects Lamia as the cyborg assassin moves in for the kill

The X on Dai-X's head emits a yellow laser beam attack and destroys the "Death Planetoid". Dr Benn shoots the Mantis just as it's about to fire on Lamia but it isn't completely dead and wounds Dr Benn with its scythe arm before it finally goes down. X-Bomber finally reaches the planet Callinian and the lads are elated.

Dai-X prepares to stand and fight Dai-X fires its X-laser beam The Death Planetoid is hit

Dr Benn opens fire on the cyborg assassin The cyborg assassin jumps Dr Benn who gets a shot in The deactivated cyborg assassin tumbles to the floor, pinning Dr Benn and cutting him

However, their joy is shortlived as the Mantis' poison takes effect and Dr Benn dies on the bridge.

Shiro - "There will never be another man to take his place".

Dr Benn succumbs to the assassin's poison The crew mourn Dr Benn X-Bomber arrives at Callinian

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