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Episode 18

Halley finally manages to contact Lamia long enough to determine her location and contacts X-Bomber with the news. However, Makara's ship has spotted X-Bomber moving in on the prison planet and has changed course to intercept.

Hercules "Come on Makara, let's 'ave ya!"

The lads Dai-X as the Bomber comes to a relative stop next to the glacial planet. All seems peaceful as they overfly the surface, but the Dai-X fighters are soon under fire from ground-to-air missile batteries. Dai-X junction is on and the lads start to take care of business.

Captain Halley traces Lamia's position Halley contacts X-Bomber X-Bomber arrives at the Glacial Planet in the Allurian star cluster

Braincom launches Mainbody launches LegTrax launches

The Dai-X fighters overfly the Glacial Planet

Hercules - "Now the double whammy!"

LegTrax reconfigures for Dai-X Junction sequence Braincom comes in to dock Dai-X lands

Imperial missiles target Dai-X Dai-X opens fire with the laser cannon Dai-X prepares to fire torpedoes

Lee spots the entrance to the prison and the lads leave Dai-X to investigate. They find Lamia and shoot her restraints off. Earth tremors begin - Dai-X's attacks have triggered a chain reaction in the planet. A nuclear explosion is imminent! Meanwhile, Makara's ship has entered the Allurian star cluster in pursuit of X-Bomber...

The lads open fire on the door to Lamia's prison The door to Lamia's prison Makara's ship enters the rainbow coloured Allurian star cluser

Shiro shoots Lamia's restraints Hercules carries Lamia to safety

X-Bomber moves to a higher orbit, confusing Makara as she approaches. The lads manage to make it back on board the Dai-X which launches just as the planet goes critical. Makara's ship, which had descended to investigate the situation, is caught in the detonations and limps clear of the planet before it goes up. Back on board X-Bomber Lamia is recovering in the sick bay.

Dr Benn - "She has incredible stamina."

Shiro - "Thank God!"

Makara's ship is caught up in the destruction of the planet The crew gather round Lamia in sick bay

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