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Episode 17

The lads finish the repairs on the Bomber, and Lee has to step in to break up Shiro and Hercules who are giving each other a hard time over Lamia's kidnapping. Meanwhile, Makara has a nice little chat with Lamia, saying that there are only 2 months to go before Lamia's powers really kick in. Lamia realises that she is feeling changes since her first meeting with Halley. Makara leaves Lamia to be taken care of by Orion, with instructions not to let her use her telepathic powers.

PPA assists Lee with repairs to X-Bomber Captain Halley trying to contact Lamia telepathically Commander Makara interviews Lamia with Captain Orion

The X-Bomber prepares to lift off. Halley contacts them just prior to lift off, saying that he will do his best to make contact with Lamia. Kirara wigs out on the bridge, and Hercules is forced to sedate him with his tranquiliser gun. Meanwhile Lamia has been taken to the underground prison on the Glacial Planet where she is to remain for all time in the tender care of the Alliance.

X-Bomber leaves Molthane Kirara goes mad on the bridge of X-Bomber, with Lee in the way!

An Imperial personnel transport leaves Makara's ship Lamia arrives at her prison-to-be on the Glacial Planet

Meanwhile, Kirara is thinking of Lamia and crying! Lamia tries to talk Orion around and gets a good slap. Makara arrives and states that there will always be conquest, because it leads to power. When Makara and Orion have completed their ceremony to commemorate her capture, Lamia is finally imprisoned in an electromagnetic capsule which will inhibit her powers. Orion and Makara return to their ship, and Makara reports to the Imperial Master who orders her to return to base.

Captain Orion discusses Lamia's fate with her Commander Makara and Captain Orion complete a ceremony to mark Lamia's capture and imprisonment Lamia is held in the electromagnetic capsule

Commander Makara reports to the Imperial Master Makara's ship takes off from the Glacial Planet

Mention of her promotion to the "executive council" - presumably this refers to the cyborgs who report directly to the Imperial Master. Meanwhile, X-Bomber loses their trace on Makara's course. The lads' bunk room is tense again. While Dr Benn is arguing with the lads over a course of action the ship goes out of control - Kirara has again gone on the rampage. Hercules is forced to tranquilise him once more. Meanwhile Makara and Orion have been given another mission by the Imperial Master - to destroy the planet Callinian. Halley continues to try and raise Lamia.

The Imperial Master's fortress planet Makara and Orion kneel before the Imperial Master The Imperial Master issuing Makara and Orion new orders

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