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Episode 16

Lamia does a Leia, opening fire on the boarders with Kirara at her side. Kirara is hit but the boarders are mown down by the lads. A second group of invaders jumps Lamia but Kirara takes them from behind. In sick bay Lee and Dr Benn are faced by three soldiers but PPA suddenly shows a mean streak and opens fire from his red eyepiece, downing two of the three soldiers. The other one shoots PPA, but Lee gets his chance and takes the last one out.

Termoid soldiers begin searching X-Bomber Lamia and Kirara prepare to defend the ship Shiro and Hercules, back on their feet, on patrol in X-Bomber

Lamia captured by Termoid soldiers PPA fires on the boarders A Termoid soldier is shot by PPA

A Termoid soldier fires on PPA PPA is hit Lee returns fire

Kirara is shot again trying to rescue Lamia. Unfortunately Lamia is captured when trying to make a break for it, and the lads are forced to hit the deck when a grenade is thrown. They eliminate the final intruders who have Lee and Dr Benn pinned down, but Lamia is long gone. Makara's ship leaves, scattering mines into orbit behind it.

A Termoid presents Lamia to Makara on the bridge of her battlecruiser Imperial space mines

The Skull contacts X-Bomber, and meets up with them on Molthane. Halley finally relates the story of F-01; that Lamia is actually the Princess of a planet called Esper. A soothsayer predicted that the infant Lamia would one day become a being of immense power able to dominate a universe - in the year 3000. As a result the Alliance destroyed Esper but the Skull managed to escape with Lamia and some elders.

Dr Benn and Captain Halley meet on Molthane Captain Halley describes Lamia's origins The planet Esper

The wise man who foretold Lamia's power at her birth The Skull escapes from the burning  ruins of Esper Captain Halley and his lieutenants

Halley explains that he can't fight because he's under the protection of the Callinian star cluster - and he must live "to become one with Lamia". Shiro takes this the wrong way and is disgusted! Halley explains that Lamia has some degree of power due to the aura from the pendant. He contacts her telepathically and she is able to give a brief message to him before the Alliance blocks her ability. Lamia is placed into the dissimilator, the device used to probe Captain Carter's mind. Orion visits Lamia and is very creepy.

Orion - "What a little beauty you are F-01"!

Lamia guarded by two Termoid soldiers on board Makara's ship Captain Orion leering over Lamia

The Skull takes off, leaving the search for Lamia to X-Bomber. The lads tease Shiro about his feelings for Lamia. Makara's ship is heading for the Allurian prison.

Dr Benn salutes the departing Skull

*SFXB note - the US tape leaves out the entirety of the ending to this episode. In the UK version, X-Bomber takes off to pursue Makara but encounters the mines left in orbit by her battlecruiser. In spite of Shiro's piloting skill and Hercules' use of laser torpedoes to clear some of them, enough mines impact X-Bomber to force it to crash land on Molthane. The next episode then begins with the completion of repairs on the damage caused by the mines, rather than the damage caused by the attack that led to Lamia's kidnap as the US version suggests.*

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