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Episode 15

Lamia is thinking of Halley, who contacts her telepathically for the first time. Kirara punches the alarm button and Shiro responds, but dismisses Lamia's story as a result of shock. Orion has plotted the Skull's course and realises that X-Bomber is on the same course. It's clear that in the absence of a better idea, the Bomber has set course for the planet Halley told Lamia about.

Lee, Shiro and Dr Benn realise that Lamia has undergone a major change but Hercules remains very sceptical and leaves the bridge when Lamia enters and tells them that she has had a vision of Makara's ship bearing down on them. Hercules demands Lamia tells him what the Alliance wants. While they're chatting the Alliance astrofighters open fire and Lamia is knocked out. Kirara grabs her.

Hercules argues with Lamia on the bridge Lamia sees a vision of Imperial Carriers launching

Hercules is knocked to the floor by the Alliance attack Kirara takes an unconscious Lamia to her room

The fighters manage to punch a hole in X-Bomber's hull, resulting in a loss of atmosphere and the failure of X-Bomber's life support system. Lee manages to tell PPA to switch life support to auxiliary systems, but they've failed too - PPA sets off to fix it as the bridge crew lose consciousness. Orion realises the X-Bomber is in distress and circles. Hercules is still on his feet but groggy. He manages to free PPA from under a girder but then passes out.

An Imperial Fighter closes on X-Bomber The life support system is hit Shiro passes out

Lee passes out Dr Benn passes out

Lamia wakes up and is unaffected by the lack of oxygen although she knows the air is thin. She gets to the bridge and contacts Halley telepathically, asking him to guide her to a planet with a breathable atmosphere. He does so, but says he can't join her because the Alliance are on the lookout for him. Makara maintains her pursuit of the Bomber which Lamia brings down safely on Molthane.

Makara demands that Lamia surrender, as there is no-one left to fight. Lamia attempts to surrender to Makara, but PPA intercepts her, demanding that she help the crew first. Makara orders Orion to return with his ships as the Skull hasn't turned up. Dr Benn momentarily regains consciousness and pleads with Lamia not to give herself up. Orion suggests that they attack the Bomber and take Lamia by force, and Makara agrees.

Lamia - "I'll never surrender! Let's fight to the end!"

The X-Bomber heads for a landing on Molthane PPA persuades Lamia to stay on board to help the crew recover Captain Orion's carrier takes up position to assault X-Bomber

All of a sudden Lamia's got guts! Although she clearly doesn't like it, she starts taking out astrofighters. Kirara mans the other turret with PPA giving him instructions. Makara recalls the fighters and orders a ground assault. Orion's carriers teleport armoured personnel carriers onto the surface complete with gantries that can be raised to get access to the Bomber from below.

Lamia mans a gun Kirara mans a gun with PPA assisting Beam down

Imperial Ground Assault Vehicle materialising Imperial Ground Assault Vehicle moving in Imperial soldiers hit by X-Bomber's guns

Although Lamia and Kirara take quite a few troops out, they eventually get their vehicles in under the X-Bomber's arcs of fire and start burning through the hull. Shiro and Hercules come round at PPA's urgent demands, but the Imperial troops have already boarded the ship.

Imperial Ground Assault Vehicle raising its boarding platform A Termoid soldier boarding X-Bomber through a hull breach

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