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Episode 14

Orion is clearly glad to have Carter out of the picture. Makara's ship is shadowing the Bomber for the time being. Skull comes into the same quadrant as X-Bomber again and Dr Benn attempts to make contact. The Skull responds, requesting that the person with the special token be transferred to them.

Dr Benn refuses, wanting more information. In the science lab, Shiro watches as Lamia tests her pendant with a laser. It is unharmed. She believes it is the token the Skull mentioned. Lamia asks Shiro to take her to the Skull. She understands Dr Benn's concern but she wants to learn the secret of the Skull. A "space chopper" takes off from the Bomber, containing Shiro and Lamia. Dr Benn isn't amused. X-Bomber assumes a rear guard position.

The crew listen to the Skull's message Lamia tests her pendant with a laser beam

Lamia and Shiro take a Space Chopper and head for the Skull Lamia and Shiro on the Space Chopper

Makara's ship detects the space chopper and prepares to attack once it's reached the Skull, as that will confirm the identity of F-01. Three Alliance carriers scramble to attack the Skull. Lamia and Shiro reach the Skull. Halley introduces himself, then promptly zaps Lamia with a gun!

Captain Orion's carrier fleet The Space Chopper approaches the Skull The Space Chopper alongside the Skull's bow

Captain Halley Lamia's pendant - the 'token' Halley fires a ray gun at Lamia

This is to prove the pendant is real. Lamia suits up and prepares to transfer to the Skull. Just then a shot from an Alliance fighter hits the Skull, knocking Lamia into space. Shiro sets off in pursuit while Halley mans the Skull's deck gun, but an Alliance astrofighter gets to Lamia first. The space chopper's passenger compartment is blown off, but Shiro's still fighting!

Shiro - "Get out of my way!"

Imperial Fighters on approach Lamia flying off into space Halley at the deck guns of the Skull

Shiro piloting the damaged Space Chopper Lamia held by the retrieval claw of an Imperial Fighter Shiro attacking in the Space Chopper

He blasts the claw arm holding Lamia and manages to retrieve Lamia when it releases her. Alliance astrofighters pursue them and are about to recapture them when Lee turns up in LegTrax and blasts the approaching astrofighter. He takes care of business while Shiro returns to X-Bomber which is now rolling in to cover the pair. Hercules takes out the fighters following the chopper.

An Imperial Fighter pursuing the Space Chopper is destroyed Lee enters the fight in LegTrax Hercules gives the Space Chopper covering fire

Lee clears the area as X-Bomber opens up with its neck lasers on a group of fighters before firing on their carriers. Orion's ship is damaged again and he retreats. X-Bomber retrieves Lee.

X-Bomber uses its laser blast The laser blast hits the enemy carriers

Hercules decks Shiro outside the medical bay as Lamia is operated on. Kirara comes out carrying Lamia who is going to be fine. Shiro visits her when he's been patched up, and then Kirara throws him out of the room! Not his day!

Hercules decks Shiro for endangering Lamia Kirara takes Lamia to her quarters after her operation Shiro decides it hasn't been his day

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