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Episode 12

The lads debate Captain Carter's turn to the Alliance, as well as whether Lamia is F-01. The crew receive another distress signal, this time from an Alliance termoid soldier (Crewman 0171) in an astrofighter who is under heavy fire from several other astrofighters. *SFXB note - Trekkies may spot the similarity with the termoid's ID number and the Enterprise's registry of 1701!* The Dai-X fighters eliminate the resistance and take the soldier onboard.

The deserter at the controls of his fighter Braincom taking out one of the pursuing Imperial Fighters The Dai-X fighters escorting the damaged Imperial Fighter back to X-Bomber

Although Makara thinks he's a deserter which allows Orion to have a go at Carter, Carter reveals he's actually a Trojan Horse. It turns out Dr Benn's motive for saving the soldier isn't entirely humanitarian - he's interested in the information he may have. The soldier regains consciousness and breaks out of the medical scanner booth, kidnapping Lamia at the same time. He makes his way to the engine room with the lads in hot pursuit. The soldier shields himself from Shiro using Lamia and locks himself in the engine room. He starts to plant explosive charges.

Captain Orion having a go at Carter The termoid deserter in sick bay The 'deserter' holding Lamia hostage

Meanwhile the lads try to burn in. Lamia tries to talk the soldier out of committing suicide and fails. Suddenly an enraged Kirara drops from the ceiling right on top of the surprised soldier, finally hurling him against a wall. That isn't the end, however - a body scan reveals that the soldier is also carrying a time bomb internally. The crew is forced to eject him in a pod to save the ship.

Hercules starts to cut open the door to the engine room The termoid with Lamia in the engine room Kirara comes flying down from the ceiling to deck the termoid!

The termoid is out for the count An X-Ray reveals that the termoid is a double trojan horse as he has a bomb impanted inside him! The termoid is ejected in a capsule

Shiro and Dr Benn realise that only Captain Carter could have provided the information that allowed the solider to break out of sick bay and find the engine room. Shiro consequently challenges Carter to a one on one duel. Without telling the others, Shiro takes Braincom out. Makara orders Carter out, saying that he can redeem himself for the failure of the Trojan Horse by killing Shiro as it will demoralise X-Bomber's crew.

Carter - "Come and get me boy! What's the matter? Scared?"

Captain Carter receives a call from X-Bomber Shiro demands that Carter face him in a duel

Shiro at Braincom's controls Carter at the controls of his modified Imperial Fighter

Carter gets the first hit in on Braincom as Shiro is reluctant to engage, but Shiro gets behind him and scores a hit, forcing him to crash-land on an asteroid. Although Carter survives, his main Alliance implant doesn't and falls from his head.

Braincom is damaged first Carter's fighter is hit hard and heads towards a planetoid Carter crash lands

He regains his normal mental state but, recalling what he's done for the Alliance, smashes his mechanical arm and demands that Shiro finish him off for what he's done. Shiro refuses, but Carter forces his hand by firing on him and Shiro is forced to kill him in self defence.

Shiro finds Carter's body in the rocks Carter smashes his cyborg claw off Shiro holds the dying Carter in his arms

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