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Episode 11

X-Bomber is the worse for wear - power isn't at maximum. Shiro dreams about Carter, and is shot by him. This leads him to realise who was in command of the sea of trees plot. Lee has gone to bed, but a distress call requires the attention of Dai-X as the Bomber is battle damaged. Lamia wakes him up! Lee isn't very with it (snotty bubbles come out of his nose!) - still getting dressed as his chair moves to LegTrax!

Lee barely makes it onto his command chair Lee still isn't dressed as LegTrax takes off! The Dai-X fighters head for the planet

Earth breathable atmosphere on the planet the distress signal is coming from. The landscape is scattered with the remains of tanks and fighters. Hercules thinks it's been used for war games. A female voice calls out to the lads, leading them to a locked underground chamber complete with bats and a giant spider! They free Princess Keeli, who was trapped in a giant web. Moving out into the ruins, she tells her story.

The Dai-X fighters overfly the barren landscape Hercules opens fire... ...blasting open the door to the tomb

The lads find Princess Keeli in a web Freed from the web, the mask falls from Keeli's face Princess Keeli tells her story

It turns out that the Imperial Alliance attacked her planet years ago, and left it in a state of continual war until she was rescued. Carter turns up in an Alliance carrier and makes the demand for Lamia - implicitly acknowledging that he knows who Shiro is.

Carter - "The protege turns on the teacher."

Three astrofighters launch and start bombarding the landscape. The tanks and fighers begin to reactivate as Princess Keeli predicted. Carter enjoys a laugh at the lads' expense and leaves, as they fight their way back to the Dai-X fighters.

The destruction of Keeli's city Keeli is masked, putting her into suspended animation Carter's carrier arrives on the planet

One of the awakened tanks Hercules gives himself some covering fire as he prepares to board Mainbody

*SFXB note - there's a cut in the US tape here - in the UK version the component fighers battle the tanks and fighters for a while before Mainbody is damaged, forcing the lads to Dai-X junction to help Hercules. The US version had them junctioning immediately after take off - but it's clear despite the cut that Hercules was in trouble as Lee says he'll come to him.*

Mainbody is damaged on launching One of the awakened fighters Dai-X junction takes place as a fighter fires on Braincom

Typical Dai-X action ensues. Keeli thanks the lads for ending the war, and she turns into a rose - finally able to sleep. *SFXB note - this is the action used in the Brian May Star Fleet Project video.*

The Dai-X raises its Super Cannon Dai-X opens fire with the Super Cannon Dai-X shifts to ground assault mode

The tanks start to gang up on Dai-X Dai-X creates an avalanche Dai-X fires a torpedo

Keeli's devestated palace Keeli prepares to rest Keeli turns into a rose!

Hercules - "Something tells me our leg's gone to sleep!"

Lee's having a nap! Dai-X takes off.

Lee asleep at his post! Dai-X leaves the planet

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