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Episode 10

Makara now has only six months to get F-01. First appearance of the modified Captain Carter, "brainwashed by the ultra solar rays!" who takes command of operations. The lads are bored and the ship is apparently low on power and food. They're out of range of Star Fleet command (although apparently they shouldn't be).

Lee then picks up a message from the Skull giving a rendez-vous point. Zenith, the designated planet, is heavily foliaged with a "sea of trees". Dr Benn tries to contact the Skull, which is in sight - as vines extend from the sea of trees to trap X-Bomber! Lamia communicates with the Skull directly which finally responds, wanting her to go across alone.

The 'new and improved' Captain Carter The Skull hovering over the sea of trees

The X-Bomber lands on the sea of trees The vines start to ensnare the X-Bomber

Carter, deep in shadow, comes on screen as Dr Benn orders lift off suspecting a trap. By now the Bomber is well and truly caught. The harder it tries to escape the more violent the vines become. Makara's ship appears from beneath a waterfall and the holographic decoy Skull vanishes.

Carter again appears on screen demanding Lamia to come across, and Lamia leaves the bridge. This time Dr Benn stops her (Shiro stopped her in an earlier episode).

Dr Benn - "We must not allow ourselves to be intimidated by these barbarians!"

A disguised Captain Carter appears on the viewscreen The X-Bomber is too entangled to effect take off

Dr Benn stops Lamia leaving the ship Makara's ship leaves its waterfall hiding place

Carter's patience runs out, and the battlecruiser opens fire. This plays into the Bomber's hands, as the attack kills off enough vines to allow take off. Carter preps the Delta Laser - what Orion calls "the ultimate weapon". Apparently enough to destroy the entire planet and top secret.

Makara's ship opens fire Captain Carter issues his orders The Delta Laser is readied for firing

The real Skull suddenly arrives and again comes to the X-Bomber's aid, pouring laser fire onto Makara's battlecruiser. This buys the Bomber enough time to power up and escape the damaged vines. The Skull bugs out with Makara in pursuit, but the Skull outruns them at hyperspeed.

The real Skull comes in firing! Makara's ship is hit hard The X-Bomber finally manages to lift off

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