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Episode 1

The Imperial Cruiser comes over head, exiting out of the Thalian Zone. The Imperial Master appears, and Makara replies through the symbiote on her helmet. The Master makes it clear that Earth's destruction isn't a priority. A Star Fleet cruiser is sighted and eliminated.

A Star Fleet cruiserA Star Fleet cruiser being hit by a laser torpedo

Narrator - "The year is 2999. Space War 3 has ended...."

Captain Carter is on screen at EDF (Earth Defence Force) HQ (also known as Star Fleet Command) - the cruiser which was attacked was from Pluto base. Astrofighters are scrambled to intercept the enemy. Makara's cruiser is swarmed but deals with them with point defence weapons without difficulty.

Star Fleet CommandCaptain Carter

EDF Astrofighters Boom

General Kyle realises invasion is imminent. Ocean fighter fleet isn't ready. He contacts Dr Benn to get X Project underway. Dr Benn argues it's only 90% complete, but accepts that it must be used. He requests the best pilots available. Shiro, Hercules and Lee are despatched to Moonbase to crew the X Project. It's mentioned that Shiro's father is responsible for the X Project, but Shiro hasn't spoken with him for years. *SFXB note - Shiro's exact relationship to Professor Hagen is not clear; he should know Lamia as Professor Hagen was her adoptive father.*

The boys meet Dr Benn, PPA and Lamia at Moonbase. Funny comments ensue as Lamia comes into the room! Kirara then breaks up the boys' lusting thoughts...!

The ladsDr BennPPA

Lamia Kirara

Meanwhile, Orion takes the Imperial carriers out to attack Pluto base. Base defences don't have much luck.

Carter - "Give 'em all we've got!"

Moments later we see that Carter has been knocked unconscious by falling debris.

Pluto Base Alliance AstrofightersLaser Missile Battery

Boom Carter knocked out

Back at Moonbase, first look at the docked X-Bomber, still being worked on. Dr Benn explains the X Project's origins. Kyle contacts Benn with news of Pluto base's destruction.

Moonbase X-Bomber hangar

The boys are concerned about Captain Carter. Orion's cruisers set course for Earth, hyperspeed. The lads are reluctant to take on X-Bomber and Dr Benn dresses them down, saying that he'll fly the ship himself. The lads, rebuffed, join him on the bridge.

Orion passes Saturn. X-Bomber's launch countdown commences. Take off! Orion detects the Bomber's take off and launches his fighters in response. The Bomber gets hammered, even with Hercules and Shiro on the machine guns. Orion's five carriers launch torpedoes at the Bomber, damaging its engine room and forcing it to crash land on the Moon.

X-Bomber take offX-Bomber leaving MoonbaseAlliance Carriers

Alliance fighters launchingBoomX-Bomber crash landed on the Moon

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