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Star Fleet Episode Guide - Introduction

Welcome to the new and improved SFXB Star Fleet Episode Guide! As of October 2002, with the 20 year anniversary of the first UK showing of Star Fleet fast approaching, this guide has been enhanced by the addition of more than 480 edited images taken directly from the show itself. Also in the mix are links to video clips in wmv format and sound clips in mp3 format. The overall aim has been to create something along the lines of a comic book, or perhaps even an old Viewmaster slide set. Hopefully that goal's been reached!

Please note that each image has an "Alt" tag, so in Internet Explorer a description of the image should appear if you hover your mouse over it - and to a certain extent the Alt tag information will describe the context of the image, as well as its contents...

The textual content of the guide is primarily based on the US tapes, as at the time of writing they were the most complete source of material for the series as a whole. However, they are edited when compared with the UK broadcast version of the show. Consequently, whenever I'm aware of something missing from an episode because of the US cuts, I've mentioned the contents of the cut in the episode's description.

Some cuts are quite minor, others consist of whole sequences which were simply removed from the US compilation tapes, presumably to reduce running time. Each of the 8 US tapes contained 3 episodes but the UK narration was only included at the start of the first episode and the end of the third. The resulting edit makes it slightly difficult to judge when the first two episodes of the tape end, but I've done my best to split the episodes as originally shown in the UK.

There are no official English titles for the individual episodes, so I haven't added any. Please read this page if you're interested in translations of the original Japanese titles. The story is very much an ongoing tale in any event, but it's possible to break it down into four mini-arcs.

Episodes 1 to 6 deal with the basic premise and first contact with the evil Imperial Alliance. Episodes 7 to 12 deal with the search for the Skull and resolve the Captain Carter storyline. The next six involve Lamia's awakening, imprisonment by the Alliance and subsequent rescue. The final six introduce Caliban as Makara's attempts to destroy Lamia and regain the Imperial Master's favour grow more desperate, leading to the final apocalyptic show down with the Master himself.

There are a few random comments on events chucked in here and there - this isn't entirely straight up, although if you read through you should be able to get a solid idea of the whole storyline. Or at least, the whole storyline of the original series... Intrigued? See the Star Fleet Genesis section!

I should also mention that DJ Dust's episode guide provided a certain amount of the inspiration for turning this guide into such an image heavy affair. Although the text-only version of this guide was probably the most complete one of its kind, it was a little daunting to the newcomer and I hope this graphical version, having taken its cue from DJ Dust's version, will be easier to get into.

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Last updated 14 December 2013

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