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At the time of writing I'm in the middle of transitioning the site from using tables to using CSS, and as this involves looking at every page this seems like a good time (February 2007 to be precise) to update this page, which as you'll see below was originally written in 2001. Which is pretty scary, it has to be said!

There is still no sign of an official release of Star Fleet. The series has, however, become quite widely available on a ripped-from-VHS VCD and DVD basis through most auction sites and so interest in it seems to continue even more than twenty years since it was first shown in the UK. The question of who owns the show seems more up in the air now, with Enoki having apparently either lost the rights or had them disputed.

I'm updating the site more infrequently as time goes by; inevitably as life moves on different things take priority but I still try to keep my hand in and will update things from time to time, when time allows. The text that follows is a snapshot of what the future used to look like...

It's now June 2001, and from knowing relatively little about the show in January 1999 I now know more than I ever thought I would. Not only that, you can now get hold of the whole series in a PAL VHS format (see the merchandise page for details). Although I don't generally approve of this sort of activity, until the series gets a commercial re-release I don't have too many problems with making contact details available. The international right holders of the show have now been identified - Enoki Films USA - who are keen to see the show re-released. I'm looking into companies in the UK which would be interested in this - if you have any suggestions, please get in touch. Louis Elman, a driving force behind the creation of the English version of the show, is as puzzled as I am as to why the show hasn't been repeated...

In the meantime, I'm teaming up with Nigel Critten in an attempt to do something which I suppose I've always considered doing but never seemed a realistic prospect - bringing Star Fleet back. Not the original Star Fleet, although that might now be a possibility - but an updated Star Fleet. The topic has come up on the forum in the past, with potential actors being considered. However, I'd always thought that a CGI remake would be the most obvious way to go ever since shows like Beast Wars came along. For more details on the plans for the update, see the Star Fleet Genesis section. I'm not the only one to have had the idea either - for a new and striking comic strip continuing the series see the Big Dai-X site.

Although I'm now working full time I'm continuing to update this site - although I suspect that between the various sites we've found out almost everything we're going to find out about the series. For me, this site is an example of how the Internet can work; significant portions of this site have been contributed by others - it's become a sort of hub for people to add to. Which is perfectly in line with the original concept behind the World Wide Web - a place for scientists to exchange knowledge. While others continue to get enthused about the series, and while I still get emails thanking me for reminding people about the series I'll do my best to keep this place up and running. Oh, and if you'd like to sign yourself up with some associates that'll help too!


All copyrights and trademarks acknowledged. Andrew Thomas, 24 April 2002. With thanks to Justin Palmer, Michael Noyce, Richard Holt, D C Chappel, Phil Ayres and everyone else who has assisted with their memories of the series over the years. Special thanks to Peter Weir for being the first to get a tape to me...

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