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Welcome to the Star Fleet X-Bomber Homepage

What is Star Fleet (X-Bomber) ?

First of all - if you're looking for Star Wars or Star Trek information, you're about to be disappointed. Odds are, though, you're thanking your lucky stars you don't need to wade through any more sites about the Imperial Star Fleet or Starfleet losses during the Dominion War, because you've found what you were really looking for. A site about a show with puppets, in space, dimly remembered from Saturday morning TV in the 1980s or a worn out rental copy of Space Quest for F-01 or The Thalian Space Wars. Of course, you may also remember the show from outside the UK in which case none of those memories will apply - but I'll deal with X-Bomber and Bomber X a little later...

So, Star Fleet. 24 episodes, airing for the first time (in the UK) on 30th October 1982. Puppets with no strings attached and one Gerry Anderson nowhere in sight. A plot incorporating many anime themes - unsurprising given the show's Japanese origins - including a big red gestalt robot, Dai-X, and an advanced prototype battlecruiser, the X-Bomber, that are humanity's last hope in the face of alien invaders. Of course, this is me looking at the series with adult eyes - in the 1980s I was just as captivated by it as any other kid who was lucky enough to catch it. And there were quite a few of us...

This overview section aims to kick-start some of your recollections of the show. With that in mind the pages are brief, but several of them will take you on to the other sections in the About the Show section which go into the various aspects of the show in much greater depth. If you're not sure where to go next, just hit the Next icon, top or bottom of the page.

If you're not big on reading, you may want to try the Star Fleet FAQ rather than ploughing on through all the pages in this section. It's a good quick reminder of the show, and you can always come back here if your curiosity demands. To actually experience the show again, try the Multimedia section. You can use the Forum and Contact options above to let the other fans, and myself, know what you think about the show and this site. Enjoy!

Last updated 14 December 2013

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