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The links above will take you to the five main sections of SFXB. You can also use the drop down menus to jump to a topic that interests you or Search for something specific on the site. For full details of what SFXB has to offer, please refer to the Site Map.

PLEASE NOTE: As of November 2010, this site is going to be essentially static but will remain up. This is partly due to the successful release of the DVD and soundtrack that will allow others to explore the series for themselves, and partly due to poor health on my part. More details on the forum. My thanks to everyone who has contributed to the growth of this site over the many years it has been around, and my best wishes to those who continue to develop the lore of the series.

STAR FLEET NEWS 24/02/10: UK DVD RELEASE REVIEW! Fabulous Films who are releasing Star Fleet on DVD in the UK in February 2009 have provided check discs to me for review - which means I can tell you what you can expect from the release in my (exclusive?!) review! The Star Fleet soundtrack has also been remastered and released for the first time - details here.

STAR FLEET NEWS 19/2/2008: IT'S COMING BACK! Fabulous Films, who are behind the forthcoming release of Mysterious Cities of Gold in the UK, are going to be bringing Star Fleet, as it was shown in the UK, back to our screens later this year, some 25 years after it first aired in the UK. You can pre-order from HMV by clicking here. Please leave encouragement, and take the opportunity to contribute to the content of the DVD, on the forum. Great news for all the fans!

SITE NEWS 28/01/08: Ben Page has created a brilliant audio drama from the first chapter of Star Fleet Genesis. This now has its own page here.

UPDATES ELSEWHERE 01/01/2008: The Big Dai X site is back on line - Happy New Year!

Last updated 14 December 2013

Star Fleet on DVD

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